Parents from Indiana named Julia and Peter Roberts are struggling to find a way to rebuild their lives when all they see is horror and tragedy everywhere they look. Just two months ago, their two-year-old son William Gage Roberts accidentally drowned in a creek. On Wednesday, his six-year-old brother Ayden James, died in a horrible automobile Accident.

Their parents are lost

Julia and Peter Roberts have admitted to being lost. The parents have no idea how they are going to rebuild their lives after losing both William and Ayden. At the moment, all they are able to see is horrible things.

During an interview with "Inside Edition," the mother admitted to having absolutely no idea what she should do next. She also noted her husband was having an impossible time trying to deal with losing both of his sons.

The accident

Peter Roberts – the father – was driving his six-year-old to school on Wednesday morning. He was driving along a two-lane highway in Borden (a small Indiana town), when he veered off into a roadside ditch. After overcompensating, his vehicle swerved into oncoming traffic. Two different vehicles slammed into his automobile. Ayden was sitting in the back seat and was later pronounced dead at a hospital nearby.

According to the mother, the father blames himself for the car accident which resulted in the death of his six-year-old.

As a result, he is consumed with guilt over the loss of his son. In addition to a broken spirit and a lot of guilt, the father suffered a sprained ankle and a sprained wrist.

The drowning

It was just six weeks earlier when the family was working in their yard that their two-year-old, William, wandered off. Assuming her son was playing hide-and-seek, which was something he liked doing, Julia didn’t panic at first.

But, when she was unable to find him in his usual hiding places – she called the cops.

Police officers arrived at the home and had no luck finding the boy. With his parents and the help of other local Indiana residence, the property was searched for the next 12 hours. In time, they found their two-year-old face down in the creek behind their home.

According to the mother, Ayden would sometimes lash out as a way of dealing with the death of his younger brother. Other times, however, Ayden would spend his time trying to cheer up his parents by doing things such as telling his mother not to cry. Julia said they were good boys and best friends.