An Autistic teen was attacked outside of an El Reno bowling alley and his Parents are demanding answers. Per KFOR the entire nightmare was Caught On Camera. The special needs teenager’s parents described the horrifying video of the attack for local news outlets.

Parents described the attack

According to the teen’s father Robert, you could see 5 or 6 different males stomping on his son after they knocked him to the ground. The father said he could see his teenager laying on the ground and covering his head with his arms while these males stomped on him.

Amy, the teenager’s step-mother, said that the males in the video beat her step-son for absolutely no reason.

He’s still recovering

The autistic teenager suffered a concussion as a result of the attack. He has a big gash on his head and one of his eyes has swollen completely shut. According to his family, the teenager will also have to recover from the emotional damage the attack caused him.

According to his father and step-mother, he was hanging out with his friends at the bowling alley on Friday night when a few kids started to pick on him. The 17-year-old decided he was going to walk away from the situation and go home instead of fighting with those who were picking on him. Apparently, his step-mom speculates, some of the males who were picking on him in the bowling alley decided they weren’t done and followed him when he left.

What happened?

The bowling alley manager was questioned about what happened before the teenagers went outside. The manager claimed that their son did exchange some words with the other boys. According to the step-mother, it was possible the teenager did exchange words. Because he was autistic saying things out of social awkwardness could happen from time to time.

The autistic teen, however, would have never gotten physical with the other males. Amy went on to note the other teenagers should have known that and that is why she didn’t understand why they attacked him.

Unfortunately, no one knows how long the horrifying attack lasted. The autistic teenager did manage to make it home and get taken to the hospital.

His family fears that even though his physical wounds will heal, his emotional wounds may not heal. According to Amy, they took her teenage stepson's security away from him. Because he’s autistic there are a lot of things he can’t do on his own. But, he’s always had security – and they took that from him. She fears he will never be the same again.

So far, the El Reno police have been able to identify two of the teenagers in the video. The teenagers are 13 and 14-years-old. The teenagers are being charged with assault and battery, but the police still need help identifying the rest of the teens in the video of the attack.