Blasting News recently featured a plan featured in a Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan PowerPoint presentation, that was mocked widely across social media. Cenk Uygur, host and co-founder with "The Young Turks," explained to viewers that the Ryan presentation included details like America's richest getting back "$600 billion" in taxes, currently paid under the affordable care act, but America's "bottom" 90 percent receiving "zero" tax benefit.

Mr. Uygur then observed that Fox News' Tucker Carlson, "of all people," held Speaker Ryan to task over the details of his healthcare plan.

The "TYT" host expressed the view that it was the "first time ever that Tucker Carlson has not been unbearable." Uygur is a highly active progressive liberal, while Mr. Carlson might be described as a neocon, or conservative, depending on the speaker.

Tucker Carlson to Paul Ryan on healthcare plan: 'hard sell'

In a Fox News clip, Tucker Carlson can be heard stating to Ryan that "wealth" has been sticking to the "top end." The 47-year-old host held this up as a reason that "political turmoil" has been witnessed. Carlson told Ryan that the Republican healthcare plan is a "hard sell," only benefiting those who have "already gotten the richest over the last ten years." Shrugging his shoulders, Paul Ryan responded that he is simply following through on President Donald Trump's campaign promise.

Laughing, Cenk Ugyur repeated Paul Ryan's words, "I'm not that concerned about it," and then added, "You're god**** right it goes all to the rich." The "TYT" host stated that the top 0.1 percent with receive an average $200,000 savings as a result of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He repeated that "90 percent" of Americans will receive no benefit at all.

He dismissed arguments claiming that "tax cuts" are for everyone, stating "it is literally for only the top 10 percent," and continued that the majority of the cuts are enjoyed by the top "0.1 percent," a group than earns an average of "$3.5 million" annually.

Uygur compares tax savings with cost of universal post-secondary education

The "TYT" host, who is based in Los Angeles, California, seemed to imagine Paul Ryan's thoughts, asking Tucker Carlson, "Who do you think I work for?" and stating, "That's who I serve." Uygur described the House speaker as an "errand boy." He noted that a plan proposed by U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, which has been criticized by Republicans, to provide free post-secondary education to all American students, would only cost $75 billion, and compared this with the $600 billion savings going to the top 10 percent with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.