MTV has flipped their logo to show as a 'W' instead of the 'M' Wednesday on National Women's Day. MTV has also announced that employees running its social media accounts would go on strike for the day as a nod to protests expected worldwide. See Tweet from MTV account below.

National Women's Day

In honor of National Women's Day, there will be a national strike movement called A Day Without a Woman, which is organized on behalf of National Women's Day.

The movement is fighting for wage disparity, discrimination and harassment. Women's Day is not only happening nationally but also, internationally. Countries and companies all around the world will be honoring this day.

According to the UN website, this day is designed to "reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities."

According to the International Women's Day website, the first honorary day took place in 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland.

Other companies that are participating

Many companies around the world are participating in International Women's Day.

Some companies are PepsiCo, Avon, BP and Caterpillar. Female celebrities such as Amy Schumer and Katy Perry have also joined forces regarding the national strike taking place today, A Day Without a Woman. Please see Katy Perry's support Tweet below from her Twitter account.

Many other businesses not named above are planning to observe today in some way.

Whether companies are closing the office early or companies who have closed the office for the day (due to women and men protesting in the streets), many are participating. School districts in DC are closed for the day such as Alexandria Virginia Public School, which is indicated on the schools website.

There are various events scheduled around the world today so find the nearest one near you.

If you are located in New York City, at 12 PM EST there will be a rally located on 5th Avenue and 59th Street. If you cannot attend a rally, the idea behind this day is to wear red in solidarity to show your support.