Trump's appointment to the Oval Office polarized the entire nation even more. Since the night the results were announced, people who were against his becoming the President have been protesting against his policies. Everything has been tried, from demanding a re-count of the votes to filing legal cases countering his policy on immigrants.

'Not My President Day' protests

Almost 4 weeks into the administration, the protests don't seem to lose their momentum. A wide range of activists held “Not My President Day rallies across the country on Monday, 20th February which is celebrated as President's day otherwise.

The events took place in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago as people used the federal holiday to gather for protesting against Trump's Presidency.

Chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” people gathered near Columbus Circle in New York, which is where the Trump Tower is situated. When interviewed by reporters, they said that they would not want their taxes to fund a golf weekend and some tried to describe the party in power as 'fascist'.

People at the rallies

When interviewed by USAToday, one of the protesters, Maria Amoldinado, 23, said that her ancestors came to the United States to escape poverty and dictatorship in their home country. She was afraid that people might have to face the same under the new government.

Another woman, Monica Lim, 26, criticized Trump's policies towards Muslims calling it 'The Hijab Peril'.

68-year-old attendee Janice Rosenberg compared the right-wing government to the Fascist regime of Hitler and said that she fears that Trump's dictatorship might result in a similar kind of Holocaust in which many of her relatives died.

She added that though the U.S. is a democracy where every person's power can be checked and balanced by constitutional provisions, the 'virus' can spread to other parts of the world which might not have an equally strong constitution while replying to USAToday reporters.

A Los Angeles resident Susan Walker told USAToday that she marched against the Vietnam War and it made an impact.

Thus, she is trying the same against Trump which she said is 'better than sitting at home'. Among the anti-Trump protesters was one person wearing the “Make America Great Again” cap. The pro-Trump guy had to face 'heated exchanges' by the crowd and reporters gathers to cover that scene.