Life is hard for people living on streets. No one loves to spend his life purposely on streets. Numberless problems street people encounter daily that people living in houses can’t even think of. And this Homeless Man named Victor Hubbard is one of those unfortunate people who face countless problems in their hard lives.

But the story of Victor Hubbard is little different. It all began when Ginger Sprouse, the owner of Art of the Meal, noticed him standing on the same corner daily. Victor was not holding any sign in his hands nor was he asking for money or food.

No one was able to find out Victor’s agenda or what he actually needed.

Constantly, for three years, every single day, Victor would stand on the corner of Nasa Road and El Camino Real in Kemah, Texas, but no one mustered the courage and asked Victor if he needed any help, and he also never spoke to anyone.

How this kind-hearted Texas woman helped Victor

Ginger Sprouse, a married mother, noticed this homeless man for three years. Daily she passed his corner at least four times a day. One day she decided to talk to him. What she learned from this homeless man changed her life and Victor’s life forever.

She came to know that Victor was dealing with mental illness and homelessness. He stands there daily because he is waiting for his mom at the same corner.

He told Ginger that his mom will come and will take him back home.

After hearing Victor’s story, heartbroken Sprouse decided to help him out. She heard many people talking around town that someone should help this poor guy. So she hired Victor as a cook at her restaurant. Victor’s story went viral on social media. Many people extended their hands to help this homeless man.

To help Victor in a better way, Sprouse started a Go Fund Me and rose over $14,000.

More and more people came to know about this story through social media and when it reached to an uncle in East Texas, the happiest moment for Victor finally came and a few days ago, he reunited with his mom. Sprouse helped victor a lot. She even let him stay at her home and treated him as a family member.