This award-winning restaurant chain Bareburger has joined hands with the Impossible Foods and included one of their Impossible Burgers in Bareburger’s Ney York City outlet. This is the first Bareburger restaurant that has added the Impossible Burger in its mouth-watering menu. They have started selling this food item since its inclusion on March 2.

Initially, their plan is to serve this plant-based burger exclusively at their New York City outlet, which is located near New York University’s campus (535 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012). This decision has been taken to attract more vegetarian food lovers.

If they receive a high demand for this Impossible Burgers, they will add this food item in the menus of other Bareburger outlets as well.

Bareburger has total 43 outlets, and it has become the first multi-unit chain to introduce delicious food item of Impossible Foods in the menu. As per Impossible Foods CEO and Founder Patrick O. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., their sole purpose is to make healthy, delicious and affordable foods that everyone in the world can afford and eat and Bareburger has the same mission. Thus, it is an amazing opportunity for him to work as a partner with the team of Bareburgers. He further said that both of them are growing at a great pace and they can learn a lot from each other and their customers.

How you can order this exquisite food item

You can select and order this tempting dish in various ways. It is available with Bareburger signature seasoning, American cheese, stout onions, dill pickles, little gem lettuce and special sauce on a brioche bun for $13.95. If you want to give this burger your own touch, then you can customize this and select your own favorite bun, sauce or toppings and they will make it for you.

Impossible Burger is a multifaceted ingredient. It can be cooked fully or you can eat it partially cooked. One can season it liberally or minimally as they want and can make it the medium-well patty in classic, fast-food-style cheeseburger. It can be served in dishes like spicy rice cakes, dumplings, and tacos. One should try it once at least.