Representative Maxine Waters is a very determined lady. She has recently set her focus on ensuring that President Donald Trump is impeached. And like a dog with a bone, Ms. Waters is not letting go. Today however, the tables were turned, when Fox News host Bill O'Reilly shined the spotlight on Waters. O'Reilly said that he could not hear a word the California Congresswoman was saying, because he was distracted by the fact that she was wearing James Brown's wig.

O'Reilly had been shown a split screen image of Waters, as she was giving her reasons why President Trump should be removed from office.

His co-hosts immediately added their perspective. James Doocy remarked that it was the very same wig James Brown wore. Brian Killmeade quipped that James Brown had just been buried, and did not need the wig any more. Ainsley Earhardt defended Waters saying her looks should not be made fun of. O'Reilly emphasized he was not attacking the congresswoman, just talking about her hair.

Waters is out for Donald Trump's blood

Ms. Waters seems to be out for Donald Trump's blood. She came under fire recently for saying she knew that the president was guilty when it came to the alleged Russian sex tape. She stood by her claim even though she had not seen any credible evidence. On Monday, an interview with the congresswoman was published in Elle magazine.

Waters again warned that the United States should be expecting impeachment. She was quoted as say, "I'm out to get him. I'm going to see him out of office. And I think it's going to happen. Get ready for impeachment."

Bill O'Reilly's comments taken seriously by some

Although Bill O'Reilly said he was not attacking Ms. Waters personally, in a article for The Hill, Joe Concha reported that O'Reilly's comments are being taken very seriously by some, and viewed as both racist and sexist.

There has been no response from Maxine Waters on the matter, no doubt because she has bigger fish to fry. She is bound and determined to see that Donald Trump is removed from office, and a little quip by Bill O'Reilly regarding her hair is not going to deter her.