On Tuesday, last week, President Donald Trump delivered his first speech to a Joint Session of Congress, where both the members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives were present. Cenk Uygur, co-founder and host of online progressive newscaster The Young Turks, described Trump as being "so psyched" on Wednesday, with the "good reviews" he received in coverage of the speech, and stated that the president watches "six hours" of television each day.

However, on Wednesday, news broke about how Attorney General Jeff Sessions "had lied" about his connections to officials with the Russian government.

Tweets from President Trump on Saturday with regard to his offices being "wiretapped" by former President Barack Obama appear to demonstrate at least some of the frustration reportedly being felt by the president by that point. Quoting The Washington Post, which cited 17 sources, as well as CNN, Cenk Uygur revealed that "it turns out that Donny's really, really mad."

Did President Trump meltdown last week?

A CNN report stated that the president was "extremely frustrated" with his advisers for allowing the massive media coverage following Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in the wake of his well-received address to Congress, to "steal his thunder." A source from the Trump administration was quoted "Nobody has seen him that upset."

"Trump was mad -- steaming, raging mad," Cenk Uygur quoted the Washington Post, and then added, "like a child." On Thursday morning, the president was said to have "exploded" before traveling to Newport News, Virginia to appear on an aircraft carrier.

The TYT host speculated that the president getting "dressed up" to look "like a bomber or something" and then being "overshadowed" by the news surrounding Sessions did not sit well with him. When he returned home from Newport News, he was said to have used many "expletives."

Trump temper tantrum following Sessions' announcement

Uygur noted how Trump was quoted defending Sessions on the aircraft carrier, only to learn that, "hours later," the attorney general had "recused himself" from the investigation into ties between Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government.

The host called the White House's handling of the situation "bumbling," holding up the fact that Sessions effectively contradicted President Trump within hours of the president defending him.

The president is said to rue the fact that his advisers seem to "keep getting in their own way." Uygur openly wondered "Whose fault that is Donny?" The TYT host noted Donald Trump's self-proclaimed brilliant management and deal-making techniques, before offering the opinion that it appears that Trump "can't manage" his way "out of a paper bag," and suggesting that the most important thing to remember about the president is his "gross incompetence." Uygur stated that Trump throwing a "temper tantrum" after his team fails, is not "proper management."

President left for Mar-a-Lago 'in a huff'

Then, on Friday, President Trump was said to express frustration with his advisers over the fact that he believed that Jeff Sessions could have stood firm against the media.

Said to leave the White House "in a huff," the president headed for his club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, leaving behind Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and bringing only his daughter Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner.

After calling the move by the president consistent with what would be expected from "a child," Cenk Uygur imagined Trump whining, in a child's voice, to his chief of staff "You're not coming with me Reince. I'm mad at you." Uygur suggested that Priebus may have attempted to cover up the reason he didn't travel to Florida last weekend. Footage from CNN was then played, appearing to show an "animated conversation" between the president and Steve Bannon, shot through a window in the White House. Reports suggest that aides to President Trump have been observed "in tears," over recent days.