Jacqueline Watts and her husband were planning on flying to Washington, D.C. Reportedly, bags were packed and everything was ready – Watts had dropped her dogs off at her in-laws house and left her rabbit with her parents, but then she simply disappeared. Watts never made it to the couple’s home to meet her husband to go on their trip.

Jacqueline Watts reported missing after her car was found

On Friday, Watts was officially reported missing after authorities found her car in Columbus at 4:30 p.m. According to Police Lt. Matt Harris, the car’s engine was running and the emergency blinkers on.

The passenger door was open and Watts’ purse and cellphone were still inside the vehicle.

Her sister-in-law, Jenn Watts Barrie, was frantic and made a post on Facebook, looking for help in tracking the missing woman down. It took less than a day for police to find the missing woman, lying dead on a sand bar in the river, approximately a half mile away from her abandoned car. According to RTV6, police have not, as yet, classified her death as a homicide, although according to them, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance were suspicious. Harris said an autopsy has tentatively been scheduled for Monday and after this police will be able to address the cause of death.

Watts found not too far from where two teens were discovered last month

Possibly speculating about a connection between the two crimes, the New York Daily News reports that Watt’s body was found in Norblitt Park, which is approximately 120 miles, or two hours drive, from where two teenagers were found dead on February 14.

Liberty German, 14 and Abigail Williams, 13, were found on the Delphi trail. In that case, several law enforcement agencies are working to solve the tragic murders and reportedly have released an audio recording taken from Liberty’s cellphone of someone with a deep voice saying the words “down the hill.” Reportedly Liberty managed to snap a photo with her cellphone of a man, who authorities now consider to be a suspect in the crime.