As reported on Blasting News, Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville decided to place a live camera in April the Giraffe’s pen so that the world can watch the pregnant giraffe give birth to her fourth calf. It turns out Erin Dietrich, a photographer based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a fan – however, she is also pregnant and waiting for it all to be over. For that reason, and just for fun, she decided to make a spoof video.

According to Dietrich, her friends have been teasing her about her obsession with the equally pregnant April the Giraffe, so she thought it would be fun to make the video, basically just to amuse her friends and family.

She also decided to order a giraffe mask, to make the video more, well, “realistic.” What she didn’t expect was for the video to go viral after posing it on Facebook Live, attracting more than a massive 15 million views in just 18 hours.

As can be seen in the video end of article, Dietrich is also heavily pregnant and can’t wait for the baby to come. She sympathizes with April who, 10 days after the zoo made the camera live, is still waiting for her new calf to come into the world.

Wearing a giraffe mask, the pregnant woman paces and paces

In the video, Dietrich can be seen sporting the giraffe mask and pretty much pacing around her bedroom, adopting various poses. She occasionally waves at the camera, dances around, or does various exercises for her viewers’ enjoyment.

The video caught the attention, and humor, of many people, and with millions of views, the video has also been shared over 300,000 times.

April the Giraffe is still popular too

While many people are enjoying Dietrich’s spoof video, tens of thousands are still tuning in to the live video stream at Animal Adventure Park in Harpusville.

Reportedly around 20 million viewers have watched the livestream of April up until now. While the livestream was started on February 24, April is still showing no signs of going into labor. However, as fans of the real giraffe are anxious and getting impatient, Dietrich’s spoof video helps to take their mind of the situation.

As noted by the BBC, one viewer said she would want updates on Dietrich’s baby, too, wondering which of them will actually give birth first.

The full video can be watched on the Facebook page of Erin Dietrich, or you can watch a time-lapsed version uploaded by USA Today below.