President Barack Obama was spotted leaving a Fifth Avenue office building in New York last week. Apparently seeing the large security detail outside, many people waited to see who would appear. He was greeted with cheers and “I love you.”

The crowd went crazy with excitement at seeing the former president. Obama, who has been maintaining quite a low profile after stepping down from his White House post as the President, was also in town to attend Arthur Miller’s “The Price,” with his daughter Malia. This is the first public appearance of the former President after coming back from vacation.

The former President, during his vacation, was busy kite surfing.

Social media sites posted pictures of Obama along with his daughter walking down the streets of busy Manhattan. People seeing their former President cheered out loud with excitement. Obama was seen waving back at the cheerful crowds before he got into a highly secured car.

Former President appeared to be relaxed

It was around 12 PM Friday afternoon when Obama was spotted coming out the 5th Avenue building. Strong security was seen in front of the building before the former President’s exit. The former president was apparently in a relaxed mood walking towards the vehicle with a cup of coffee in his hand and waving at the crowd with the other.

Obama was not wearing a tie and was seen with his shirt left unbuttoned at the top.

Last Thursday, it was reported that the former President was at Emilio’s Ballato along with his daughter. The picture of the President was posted on Instagram by the restaurant.

Barack Obama and daughter attended Arthur Miller’s “The Price”

Later in the day, the former President along with daughter Malia attended Arthur Miller’s “The Price.” The show was held at the American Airlines Theatre.

The play stars John Turturro, Jessica Hecht, Marc Ruffalo, Danny DeVito, and Tony Shalhoub. The play is the story of a police official who felt that his life had passed uselessly as he was busy looking after his father, who is now dead. He feels that he should reunite with his alienated brother so that they can sell their father’s property.

Obama Ranks the 12th Best President of America

In the Presidential Historians Survey poll conducted by C-SPAN, Barack Obama was ranked as the 12th best president of America. The results of the poll were published last week ahead of President’s Day. During his tenure, Obama and his family were big Broadway boosters of shows and attended such shows as “Hamilton,” “Kinky Boots,” and several others. He and his family attended many plays during his tenure. It was clearly evident from the people’s reaction how much they love the former President, Barack Obama.