Former President Barack Obama has been out of the White House since January 20, 2017. He is enjoying his post-presidency by doing some things as a private citizen that he didn't get to do during the last eight years he was in the White House. He doesn't plan to go into full retirement. For the time being, he is staying away from politics.

Obama's post-presidency activities

As soon as President Donald Trump's inauguration was over, the Obamas boarded a plane for a vacation in the Caribbean. Since then, he has taken several other vacations. He has been to Palm Springs and Hawaii.

While in Hawaii he spent time golfing and dining with friends. He has also been to Tetiaroa, which is a South Pacific island that was once owned by Marlon Brando. He reportedly will spend more time there when he begins writing his White House memoir.

In February, Obama was spotted with his older daughter, Malia, in New York when they went to see the Broadway play, "The Price." When he is in Washington, he and his wife, Michelle Obama, spend time entertaining in their Kalorama home.

What other presidents have done

Some presidents went into full retirement after they left the White House. Many went back to their hometown to live in private. When George W. Bush left office, he moved back to his home in Dallas to write a memoir and to take up painting.

Bill Clinton went to New York to build his family’s foundation. However, Obama is still in Washington just blocks away from the White House. He will be there until his youngest daughter, Sasha, graduates from Sidwell Friends School in 2019.

Obama's plans for the future

Obama is gearing up to work on reversing the electoral system as it stands now.

It was because of electoral votes that caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election. Reversal of the electoral system won't help Clinton now, but it could help other candidates in the future.

As of now, Obama is not involved in politics. Instead, he is delegating political work to associates. For example, former attorney general Eric Holder is leading the redistricting project.

The former president has not given any post-presidency speeches. His first major speech as a private citizen will be given in May. This will be five months after leaving the White House when he will receive a Medal of Courage as part of a celebration of President John F. Kennedy’s centennial.