Over the last week, Donald Trump has been forced to push back at the growing scandal in his own administration. As expected, the president has decided to put the blame on the press and "Fake News" for what is going on behind the scenes.

Trump's Twitter tirade

Since the early days of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has made it clear that he's not a fan of the mainstream news media. The feud escalated over time, with the former host of "The Apprentice" routinely referring to the press as "terrible" and some of the "most dishonest people" he's ever met.

Trump rallies would often become a haven for those who dislike the press, a theme that would be come common place for the rest of the election. Since defeating Hillary Clinton and becoming sworn into office, Trump has only increased his attack on the media, labeling the press as "fake news" anytime a story is published that depicts the administration in a negative light. After a week of reported chaos, Trump took to Twitter on March 7 to voice his displeasure with the alleged "fake news."

As he has in the past, Donald Trump has targeted the media as a way to shift focus from other issues that have plagued his administration.

"Don't let the FAKE NEWS tell you that there is big infighting in the Trump Admin," Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning, before adding, "We are getting along great, and getting major things done!"

Internal dissension

Donald Trump's comments come just days after stories circulated in which the president reportedly stormed out of the White House after hearing the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from an investigation into Russian election hacking.

Sessions was backed into a corner after the Washington Post revealed that he had spoken to the Russian ambassador on at least two different occasions during the election, but failed to disclose the information during his Senate hearing last month. In addition, CNN released a video that showed Trump and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon engaging in a heated argument at the White House last Friday, before the president decided to head over to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida for the weekend.