During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made sure to take shots at various world leaders, with the lone exception of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now that Trump is in office, he appears to have his sights set on North Korean dictator Kim Jon-un.

Trump on North Korea

President Donald Trump has been known to speak freely about people, and he often doesn't filter the words that come out of his mouth. Due to this, Trump supporters love the former host of "The Apprentice," while critics of the president cringe with every comment or tweet that is made.

Since being elected last November, Trump has found himself in a constant state of controversy, much of which is self-inflicted by himself or his administration. One issue that is out of his hands is in regards to North Korea and how the country handles its missile program. Earlier this month, Kim Jong-un ordered increased missile tests, which the country says could soon be able to reach the United States. As reported by The Hill on March 19, the president is not pleased with the leader's remarks.

While speaking to a pool of reporters at the White House, Donald Trump opened up about Kim Jong-un and North Korea's stance on their missile testing program.

Trump kept his comments reportedly short and sweet, as the president said of King Jong-un, "He's acting very very badly." Trump's comments come just two days after calling out North Korea on Twitter, while also slamming China in the process.

"North Korea is behaving very badly," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Continuing, the billionare real estate mogul said the country was "playing" the United States, while accusing China of doing "little to help!"

Next up

On Sunday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the issue of North Korea was one of the main topics discussed.

Over the weekend, Tillerson announced that a military option was "on the table" if North Korea took steps that threatened the United States. As of press time, it's unknown what the country would have to do trigger a military response from the Trump administration, as the White House has kept their thoughts on the issue private.