As part of his renewed attack on Barack Obama, President Donald Trump lashed out at the former commander in chief on social media and blamed him for recent Gitmo detainees returning to war. However, Trump's claims were quickly fact-checked and debunked.

Trump debunked

Over the weekend, Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his office at Trump Tower during the election. Despite not providing any credible information to back up his claim, the former host of "The Apprentice" is sticking to his story. Members of the administration, as well as much of the right-wing news media, continue to back Trump on the issue at question, in what many believe is a distraction from the growing scandal involving Russian interference in the election and possible infiltration of the White House.

In addition to his claims of wiretapping, Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday morning and blamed Obama for releasing over 100 former prisons of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. As reported by CBS News on March 7, Trump's claim is not correct.

"122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo," Donald Trump tweeted out, before claiming that those in question "have returned to the battlefield." Trump concluded by calling the release of the prisoners a "terrible" decision, though it was actually former President George W.

Bush who was responsible for the majority of the those released.

CBS News points out that of the 693 detainees who were released from Gitmo, 122 did return to war, with Donald Trump appearing to be quoting from a report that was released last year by the Director of National Intelligence. However, the report clearly states that of the 122 that found their way back on the battlefield, 113 were released by Bush, with only 9 being let go by the Obama administration.

Nearly half still remain active, with 30 believed to be killed, and an additional 25 currently being held in custody.

Moving forward

Despite the blunder made by Donald Trump, his supporters and conservative news outlets have already jumped on his Twitter message and have reported it as fact. With more mainstream news outlets quick to fact-check the president, it's expected that the feud between both sides is not ready to end anytime soon.