Donald Trump knows the art of the deal. He's into numbers and likes to win. He insisted falsely that he had a larger crowd at his inauguration than his predecessor Barack Obama. He also made an unfounded claim that 3,000 of those whose popular vote went to Hillary Clinton had voted illegally. There is something new on the horizon that the Donald may not be able to attempt to refute. This information comes from a seasoned, well loved, and very credible personality.

Veteran News Anchor Dan Rather wrote a rather sobering Facebook, post regarding Donald Trump's time in the Whitehouse thus far.

On Monday Rather said that President Trump's beginning days have been terrible and has been the worst start to the presidency that he has ever witnessed. Rather further stated that scholars believe the Trump presidency may even be the worst in history.

Dan Rather's views

Mr. Rather listed three previous presidents, whom history indicates had pretty bad beginnings. When William Henry Harrison gave his inaugural address in 1841, it was cold and raining. Harrison gave a very long speech in the adverse weather. He became ill, and died one month later from pneumonia. In 1877 Rutherford B Hayes had a rough start after a controversial election by the House. Abraham Lincoln began his presidency, with states withdrawing from the Union and joining the Confederacy.

And then came the Civil War.

The veteran anchor went on to say: "After two tumultuous, chaotic and in many ways outrageous months(an embarrassing defeat on ACA repeal, the deepening Russia probe, the striking down of the travel ban) where do we stand? Where does all of this go?"

How will Donald Trump respond?

There is only a 15 year age difference between Dan Rather and President Trump.

Their methods of operation, however, seem worlds apart. Rather is a man of ethics, who has never been embroiled in a scandal. He believes in responsible journalism and reporting facts. President Trump seems to have embraced Social media slander and tabloid journalism.

How will President Donald Trump respond to the scathing words from the veteran news anchor, who is well respected and whose word carries weight? If the Donald did not think twice about slandering the name of a former president, he will no doubt take to Twitter and attack the 85-year-old Rather. It's what he does to all who oppose him.