trump put on a brave face the last few weeks in an effort to support the divisive GOP's bill to repeal Obamacare. But the New York Times reported on Friday that privately he was facing a #Crisis Of Confidence and rare bouts of self-doubt.

Sources say that he regretted going along so swiftly with #Paul Ryan's sweeping plan to attempt to enact a #healthcare overhaul before unveiling his tax cuts. President Trump now thinks he should have tried to do his tax reform first, since he now knows that something as emotional as healthcare is never going to be an easy victory.

Giving ultimatums highlights insecurity

On Thursday, supported by his most senior advisor Stephen Bannon and also Gary Cohn, Trump put an #ultimatum into place that told those Republicans who were fence-sitting to either vote yes to the bill or live with the prospect of having Obamacare. But many members of the house saw voting 'no' as a stupid alternative to voting 'yes' to something they weren't comfortable with.

It was a bullish and risky move, that many thought illustrated how Trump would rather get his way than change a #faulty bill that has been hastily cobbled together in its last hours before being voted on. Someone who prefers unilateral executive action, Trump was clearly struggling with his first battle in Congress.

He might be known as 'the closer' with his #business deals, but with politics it's a different game entirely. And with his Twitter account calling out the Freedom Caucus, it really did show how challenging he found the whole healthcare issue.