A recent video by The Young Turks featured clips by TMZ of both former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and actor Darius Mccrary, of Family Matters fame. Cenk Uygur, TYT host, and co-founder, first played a clip featuring Rudy Giuliani, with the 72-year-old adviser to President Donald Trump walking through the airport in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Uygur noted that Rudy Giuliani was deeply loyal to Trump, and believed that he was set for a cabinet position, if not the secretary of state. The 46-year-old host offered the opinion that, to the president, loyalty doesn't go very far, unless one is also able to provide "cold, hard cash." He described Rudy Giuliani "schlepping around" all alone.

A portion of the clip featured the TMZ reporter asking Mayor Giuliani about the Trump administration. Giuliani stated that whenever a change occurs, "disruption" will accompany it. The Trump adviser pointed to the stock market, and "jobs growth," and offered the opinion that President Trump is "doing great."

Rudy Giuliani carries own luggage through airport

Chuckling, Cenk Uygur observed that Rudy Giuliani was traveling with no handlers, pulling his luggage a seeming considerable distance through the airport. The TYT host parodied the former mayor, hunched over, stating "I like cray cray," with a weathered voice. The TYT video then turned to TMZ's meeting with Darius McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters, which was produced from 1989 until 1998.

The TMZ clip was said to feature McCrary leaving a "vaping" facility, where he spoke with the media company about recent issues he has faced with his wife, Tammy Brawner, including accusations of holding his infant daughter over a pot of boiling water. Uygur found humor in the fact that, "unlike Rudy Giuliani," he is accompanied by handlers.

The TYT founder called McCrary's handlers "hilarious."

Darius McCrary surrounded by handlers during TMZ interview

As Darius McCrary spoke with TMZ, members of his entourage, one wearing sunglasses, a baseball hat, and a T-shirt, stood to flank him, nodded their support, and appeared glued to his every word. John Iadarola expressed admiration for McCrary's speaking manner, where he finished a point by "walking off." What Cenk Uygur found most compelling, when comparing the two TMZ videos, was that the former New York mayor couldn't even get two guys to stand beside him and nod their heads in agreement while he spoke.

"Darius McCrary ain't carrying his own bags," Cenk Uygur laughed.

Another clip is showing Darius McCrary and his entourage using vaporizers and blowing clouds of vapor followed. McCrary can be heard speaking about decisions made as a parent that reverberate over a child's entire life, as his associates nod their head, and say "yep" in agreement. Each time he made a point, McCrary would walk away from the TMZ reporter. Uygur said that he took enjoyment in watching Rudy Giuliani, as someone who was so loyal to Donald Trump, end up getting "nothing" in the end.