Oops! Did Sean Spicer make yet another mistake or was his recent fashion flaw during a press conference intentional?

His American flag was upside-down

During his press briefing on Friday, the White House press secretary Sean Spicer could be seen sporting the pin of an American flag on his lapel. Unfortunately for Spicer, there was a problem with his pin – he was wearing it upside down. The White House press corps he was briefing were not shy about immediately bringing the fashion flaw to his attention.

John Roberts from Fox News was the first to point out the flag pin was upside-down.

Spicer quickly replied to John commenting on how he always had “fashion tips.” When Spicer didn’t respond by fixing his pin a second reporter commented on the fact that was still upside down. This resulted in reporters commenting on the upside-down flag being the logo for the Netflix series “house of cards.” Was Spicer trying to promote the series?

The Internet loses it

While Spicer was quick to deny he was promoting “House of Cards” before finally fixing his upside-down flag pin, this didn’t stop the Internet from having a field day with his fashion mistake. Even the “House of Cards” Twitter page commented on Spicer’s “loyalty” to the show.

One Twitter user posted a picture of a zoomed in version of the upside-down flag pin commenting on the fact that Spicer plagiarized the “House of Cards” logo and that it wasn’t the first time someone connected to Trump plagiarized something.

There were many Twitter users who posted variations of whether or not the fashion mistake was actually a signal that Sean was in distress. Spicer was urged to “blink twice” if he needed someone to help him.

It is worth noting – according to the U.S. Code – the American flag shouldn’t be displayed upside-down. The only time this is acceptable is if the person’s life is in danger.

So, the jokes questioning whether or not Sean is in danger aren’t without merit.

The moral of the story here – for Sean Spicer at least – is simple: take a good look in the mirror before giving a speech. The real question, however, is – did Spicer purposely wear the flag upside-down or was it a fashion mistake?