Yesterday, Politico reported that former senior communications director for the 2016 campaign that swept President Donald Trump into power, Jason Miller, has been hired as a "paid contributor" with CNN. Cenk Uygur, host with online progressive news program, The Young Turks, ran through some of the things Donald Trump has said about the network, as well as how Jeff Zucker, CNN president, has responded. TYT quoted Zucker with regard to Trump's comments that he said were "dangerous, unprecedented and shocking." Mr. Ugyur expressed sympathy with Zucker's sentiments.

Jeff Zucker later stated that it was "shocking" how many establishment politicians showed no willingness to "stand up" to President Trump's statement that the media is the "enemy" of U.S. citizens. The TYT host was less sympathetic with these sentiments from Zucker, saying that politicians are "errand boys," and "cowards." Uygur then turned to Jeff Zucker hiring Jason Miller to work for CNN.

"That's embarrassing, dude," Cenk Uygur half muttered with seeming disgust.

Cenk Ugyur says President Trump 'slapped' CNN's Jeff Zucker in the face

The TYT founder described the president slapping Jeff Zucker's face, questioning the CNN chief doing Trump "a favor" by hiring his former communications director.

A clip of Donald Trump walking all over CNN reporter Jim Acosta at a White House press conference was then played. The president of the United States can be heard telling the senior Washington correspondent that his organization produces "fake news," while refusing to answer Acosta's question.

Cenk Uygur summed up the situation as one where the CNN president's product was called "fake news," by the president of the United States, and "then you hire his mouthpiece." The 46-year-old Turkish-American compared the dynamics of the Trump-Zucker relationship of that between professional wrestler Dr.

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David D. Shultz and reporter John Stossel. When Stossel once professed a belief that professional wrestling was "fake" to Shultz, the wrestler proceeded to slap him in the face, and question him with regard to whether there was anything fake about that. After Stossel got to his feet, Shultz slapped him once again.

Content delivered by Jason Miller called 'propaganda'

The host called the news Jason Miller will be delivering on CNN "propaganda," exclaimed "that's embarrassing!" and reminisced about the similar situation that surrounded Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump campaign manager, who was also hired by CNN. Lewandowski is now employed by Fox News. Politico reports that Miller had been announced as communications director of the Trump administration, but backed away after rumors of a romantic affair with a "Trump transition official" spread. Teneo Holdings, where Miller is a managing director, states that the former Trump communications director is married, and lives with "his wife and two daughters," in Washington, D.C.