During the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Spicer turned the podium over to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The AG quickly came to his point and announced his plan to enforce all current Immigration Laws. He offered some data regarding the percentage of American people in favor of doing so (80%) and the number of last week's instances (200) of jurisdictions refusing to comply with current federal immigration laws.

He outlined the types of crimes included among the individuals within those instances which ranged all the way from murder to drug trafficking.

Answering three questions from the press corps floor, the immigration segment was wrapped-up.

Current laws and enforcement

This press briefing mention of the enforcement of current immigration laws isn't the first time the subject has been highlighted. President Donald Trump has issued two very specific executive orders based on immigration topics and demanded that all laws currently on the books be followed. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) followed up with a briefing to outline the terms of that enforcement and potential methods to do so.

Failure to enforce

It is the federal Attorney General, however, who is in charge of prosecuting those who fail to enforce any current law, including those laws that involve immigration.

During the White House press briefing, Sessions offered a general overview of the options available to the federal government when it comes to doling out consequences to those who refuse to comply. He mentioned withholding federal dollars - when possible - from those who do not follow federal laws. He also had high hopes that the citizens of those cities skirting immigration laws would rise up and create enough concern that change would occur.

Sessions called for no new policies or laws. His comments weren't complicated or overly detailed. His desire seemed to be to simply enforce all laws provided by the federal government - with no exceptions and tolerance of exceptions.