Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stint as governor of California was less than stellar. After an initial attempt to pass some impressive reform measures that failed in the Golden State’s famous referendum process, the so-called “governator” settled back to serve as a relentlessly moderate Republican politician, mouthing talking points about climate change, and vetoing the occasional wacky bills coming out of the Democratic dominated legislature. He did little if anything to halt or even slow down the relentless decline of California as businesses continued to flee the high tax, massive regulatory regime that adheres on the West Coast.

He also managed to destroy his marriage with an ill-considered affair with one of the maids that resulted in an out of wedlock child.

Schwarzenegger’s poor performance in public office has not stopped Californian Republicans from dreaming of running the former action star for the Senate. He has three selling points. He is not a Democrat, at least in name. Dianne Feinstein is in her eighties and really needs to retire. Schwarzenegger is locked in a feud with President of the United States Donald Trump, a man none too popular in blue state California.

It’s the last bit that would make a Schwarzenegger run for the Senate and a possible term as a Senator more fascinating. He took over from Trump as the star of “Celebrity Apprentice” to somewhat disappointing ratings, for which Trump tweeted ridicule.

Schwarzenegger later quit the show citing its association with Trump. The president tweeted that Schwarzenegger was actually fired from the show. The former movie actor shot back that the president was clearly “in love with him.”

Oh, what fun may be in store.

A number of questions arise. Does Trump support Schwarzenegger despite his well-documented contempt for the man?

What is Schwarzenegger’s position on Calexit?

To be sure, if Arnold actually becomes a senator he may have to be reconciled with the president. To get things done, he would not be advised to make speeches on the floor denouncing Trump as a “girly man.” If Schwarzenegger lacks an idea of how to bend the knee to Trump and make it look good, he would need to turn to Ted Cruz. The senator from Texas can give him some pointers.