Secession fever is spreading across California like a plague, with a group working to get enough votes to put the question on the 2018 ballot. The idea behind emulating Jefferson Davis and executing something called Calexit is that California should separate from red state America and form its own liberal progressive nation. However, a recent op-ed in the LA Times smells a Republican plot. The leader of the Yes California Independence Campaign is a gentleman named Marcus Ruiz Evens, a card-carrying member of the GOP.

The idea is that if California becomes an independent state, the Democratic Party in the rest of the Union will immediately be consigned to minority status.

The Republicans can double down on cutting taxes, regulations, and spending unimpeded by the California congressional delegation. Without the state’s huge trove of electoral votes, no Democrat will even be elected president of the United States ever again.

While the California Confederates are entertaining themselves with the idea of secession, they might think on how economically viable a California People’s Republic would be. Businesses are already flowing out of the state in a steady stream. If the left makes California a nation, that stream becomes a torrent. Add to that the madcap policies coming out of Sacramento, and one can predict that the CPR becomes Venezuela in record time.

In that case, President Trump, who will no doubt get an Abe Lincoln complex, will just have to impose an economic embargo on the California People’s Republic.

Then the inevitable invasion to bring the state back into the Union will be as much a rescue mission as a military expedition. Then one can imagine a phase of Reconstruction with a new state constitution imposed that will prevent the folly that turned California into an asylum to begin with.

Take it from a descendant of a Confederate soldier.

Secession will not end well for California. The new Confederates will have to fight for the right to be a country, not just against the United States, but perhaps against Mexico, which will likely see a chance to redeem the land lost during the Mexican American War. The difference is that southerners knew how to fight. The same cannot be said for mellow Californians, gang bangers excepted. Imagine a country where the only viable army consists of drug gangs. Think on that as well.