April the Giraffe has become a worldwide star since the public found out that she is will be giving birth on a live cam as everyone watches. Her popularity has increased so much that she has become a viral sensation on YouTube. She is about to give birth for the fourth time with millions of people holding their breath waiting for it to happen. The owner of Animal Adventure Park, Jordan Patch, gave an update on "Good Morning America" on Friday and he says that today could be the day.

April's progression

According to Patch, April has progressed considerably overnight and their vet, Dr.

Tim, had been called in. It could happen anytime now. He warns people that today is not the day to take your eyes off the live cam. That is a strong indicator that a new baby giraffe will finally make its appearance into the world.

Jordan indicated that giraffes typically hide their signs of labor and it sure looks like this is what April the giraffe is doing right now. As he was doing the interview, the adorable mom-to-be had her sights on eating what he had in his hand. It didn't look like she was in labor at all, just being a hungry mama.

How fast will the baby arrive?

Once full labor hits, Patch said that it can be quite fast.

The newborn could pop out 30 to 60 minutes once full labor happens. According to the Animal Adventures YouTube, the calf will be seen with its front hooves coming out first. This is a typical giraffe's birthing process, so that is completely normal. The baby will weigh somewhere around 150 lbs.

April is currently seen just walking around her enclosure and taking it easy as most moms do before they are ready to give birth.

With so many people watching this process, this all has given the New York zoo plenty of exposure to bring awareness to this species of animals. It has certainly been an enjoyable and educational thing for both kids and adults who are viewing this whole process of a giraffe's pregnancy and birth.

Baby names

What will this baby's name be?

Animal Adventure Park has decided to hold a baby name contest for the newborn once things are settled down after the birth. Many zoos and animal parks do the same trying to get people involved in helping to name their babies once they enter the world.

Are you excited for April the giraffe to have this baby? What name would you give this little one? Sound off your ideas and be sure to let the zoo in on your ideas once the contest is underway.