Sophie the adorable giraffe constantly calms teething pains for uncomfortable babies. These children are so happy to have something to bite into when the pain of growing new teeth get a little unbearable. However, the trusted Toy may be causing some serious belly aches among famous and regular toddlers alike.

Black mold found inside popular baby teether

Recently, several horrified mothers reported that they have cut open the cute and cuddly toy and found mounds of black mold growing inside the beloved giraffe. Additionally, this surprising discovery has left an unsavory taste on the lips of several unhappy parents who are upset at the thought of their child ingesting the black mold.

Many celebrity babies sucks on Sophie the Giraffe

The adorable teething toy became very popular after it burst onto the scene at the start of the millennium. Labeled as a status teether by the Los Angeles Times, it is a renowned baby accessory among high-profile celebrities. The popular teether is used by many famous Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian-West; it was also used by Nicole Ritchie’s daughter, Harlow Madden who was seen clutching the popular toy.

Sophie’s cuteness will unwittingly command your attention, it is a really adorable toy that any proud mom would run out and purchase for their little ones. Her cheerful smile and pronounced cheeks covered with hot pink blush will have any crying baby smiling.

Gazing into her adorable big black eyes will surely mesmerize the little ones. In addition, her body is made of the softest suede-like material and boasts several spots that are coated in a rich caramel color. The elegant toy stands 7 inches tall and is built to seduce even the hardest to please babies.

Dirty baby teether ranks high on Amazon wish list

Sophia the giraffe dates back as far as 2004, when Ryder Robinson, Kate Hudson’s son was seen gnawing on the cuddly toy. The charming status teether is ranked number three on the most wanted items on Amazon's baby wish list. Since 2008, it has received numerous reviews and has earned 4.5 stars from many happy customers.

The toy giraffe is built to please, a slight push on her body will emit a low squeak. This is one of the features that will definitely melt anyone's heart.