A story out of East Hartford, Connecticut will bring tears to your eyes! The Associated Press reported that a three-year-old girl thought her mother was only asleep, but in fact, the woman was dead. The 37-year-old female according to law officials at the scene stated that the child's mother had been dead for several days based on the advanced stage of the body's decomposition.

Toddler living alone thought her dead mother was asleep

The little girl seems to have lived alone with her mom according to the neighbors. At the Connecticut apartment, a woman identified as Susan Tash said she had seen the child several times standing in the window waving at her.

However, she had no idea that the child may have been trying to get her attention. Ms. Tash also stated that she had heard the television set, which was turned up unusually high but did not realize that anything was out of place.

The neighbor in a statement to officials said she had also heard the child screaming and crying, but thought she was just being fussy.The toddler was found on Monday after a social worker went to the home to see why the child was not taken to the daycare that she goes to every day. According to the social worker, she had the child opened the door where she found the mother dead in the bedroom.

Law enforcement officials were notified of the incident and the child was taken to the nearby Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Other than being severely hydrated, officials reported that the child was happy and will be okay.

No foul play suspected in woman's death

According to Lieutenant. Joshua Litwin, the mother, and the child's identity would be withheld pending further investigation into the matter. The body of the dead female was removed to the coroner's office where an autopsy will ascertain the cause of death.

Litwin also disclosed that there were no signs of a break-in or any crime committed, however, the autopsy on the body will shed more light on the case.

Additionally, he stated that the child was placed with the state's child protective services until they are able to locate other family members.