Good news for #Oroville residents, who have gone through a terrifying time the last week. On Friday they heard that work crews had managed to release water from the troubled oroville dam, after repairing the damaged emergency spillway which has flooded.

Kory Honea, the local sheriff, told residents that they are all still living within the confines of an #emergency situation, and that they needed to have their bags packed and ready to flee at any moment.

Life isn’t yet back to what it was in Oroville

The evacuations concluded last Tuesday, but not all the town's residents have returned to their houses, with many worried that the worst could happen at any moment.

Huge trucks and helicopters ferrying plaster, concrete and other supplies to the #Oroville Dam have become a regular part of the town scenery. Some schools are also still shuttered, and with a storm and potential floods predicted to enter the region on Monday, the residents are keeping a very careful eye on their media and devices, as they nervously wait for more news.