Unless they are served with a criminal warrant, Chicago Public Schools vow to deny federal immigration agents access to personnel, school buildings or district offices. School districts from east coast to west are stepping up their commitment to assist children living in fear due to the Trump administration directives on mass detentions and deportations.

Principals at Chicago Public Schools who were extremely concerned about how to immigration issues, received a memo on guidance when it comes to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The memo begins with making it clear that CPS will not be providing assistance to ICE and the agents should not be permitted access to personnel or facilities unless they can provide a criminal warrant.

Hubbard High School student Yuliana Rodriguez told CNN affiliate WLS there was widespread panic and she felt that school should be a safe place.

Chicago Public Schools lay out their plans

The guidance to principals urges them to alert the school system’s Law Department if ICE agents come to their school and make them wait outside while the matter is being reviewed. They are not share student records, including home addresses, with ICE unless there is parental consent or a court order. If it suspected that a parent is being detained and the child is stranded at school, personnel is instructed to exhaust the student’s emergency contact list. Parents are also encouraged to have backup contacts.

Teachers united in keeping the nation and families united

Other schools across the nation are passing resolutions to protect their students' confidential information. Denver, Colorado Public Schools will not grant ICE access to their pupils without a valid search warrant. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ICE requests are to be processed through the Office of the Superintendent and the Law Department. Schools in Houston and Austin, Texas as well as Eugene, Oregon and Los Angeles, are all taking a stand to make their learning environment as stress-free as possible.