Last month, a nonprofit organization named 314 Action (affectionately named after the first three digits of pi) revealed they would train scientists to run for office on the Democrat party at all levels. The goal behind this decision is to help bring fact and science based information such as climate change to light. The organization is striving to “Make America Smart Again.”

Thousands of scientists responded

Over 3,000 STEM professionals and scientists responded and expressed interest in running for office after Donald Trump was elected POTUS. The organization hopes to get more scientific-minded individuals involved in politics in order to “Make America Smart Again.” When the announcement was originally made, 314 Action aspired to host a one-hour webinar in order to discuss the basics of campaigning with potential candidates.

Their goal is not to 'politicize science'

The nonprofit organization has emphasized the goal is not to “politicize science,” but to get science-minded individuals more involved in U.S. politics. After setting up a questionnaire online which asked scientists across the U.S. whether or not they had interest in running for office – more than 3,000 scientists have already filled out the form. Could one of these scientists run against Donald Trump for POTUS and “Make America Smart Again?”

After receiving such an overwhelming response from science-minded individuals, 314 Action made the decision to host an all-day seminar. The seminar is scheduled to take place on March 14 in Washington DC. The seminar will feature a number of training sessions by experienced campaign organizers and politicians.

The nonprofit organization expects between 100 and 200 of the science-minded individuals to travel to DC for the seminar. The organization plans on live streaming the entire seminar for those who cannot travel, but still want to help “Make America Smart Again.”

According to Ted Bordelon – a spokesperson of 314 Action – it is more than just scientists with an interest in helping “Make America Smart Again.” It is a combination of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and academics.