Hate crimes are on the increase in America. On Wednesday an indian engineer Srinivas K working with Gramin headquarters in Olathe was shot dead. Two others with him were critically injured. One of the wounded is also from India. The man who shot the Indians ran away and hid in a bar. He told the bar owner that he has shot two men from the Middle East. The man is 51 years old and a Navy veteran. The man has been identified as Adam Purinton. He has been arrested, and his bail is fixed at 2 million dollars. The chief of police has termed the killing as a " senseless Act Of Violence." He has labeled it as a hate crime

Hate crimes

The killing of the Indian comes close to over a 100 tombstones being disfigured in a Jewish cemetery.

In the killing of the Indian, it appears the killer mistook the duo to be Muslims from the Middle East as he shouted: "get out of my country." This is a cause for alarm as with the easy availability of guns such hate crimes will be difficult to control. In any case, the police cannot be at all places all the time. In view of this, the propensity of a hate crime by a lone wolf firing and killing an immigrant is high.

The Indian Consul General has rushed to the site. The company has expressed its support to the next of kin of the deceased. Part of these senseless acts of violence is due to Donald's repeated announcements against immigrants. He has railed against Mexicans and signed an executive order for a border wall.

This he hopes will keep the Mexicans out. Donald's assertion does not help matters that most Hispanic are prone to commit rape and murder. Close on this is his proposed ban on Muslims from 7 nations from entering the USA. The court stayed his first executive order on the subject, but he is likely to come out with another order soon

Donald's dangerous rhetoric

Another significant event recently was the of the failure of the white house to mention about the Jew holocaust recently.

All these acts give wrong ideas to people who are not that well educated. What is rhetoric is taken as truth? This hate crime against Indians is not an exception as a few months back the Sikh temple in Wisconsin was attacked and many shot dead. This senseless killing of an Indian engineer is not the last and more can be expected in the future. This makes America a scary place.