President Donald Trump told reporters yesterday during his press conference that his administration is "Running like a fine-tuned machine," (ABC News, 2/17/17). Trump, whose administration was described as being in "disarray" by senator john mccain, stated that he continually sees network and cable television news coverage showing "stories of chaos" in his administration. The President then stated, "It is the exact opposite," (ABC News, 2/17/16). When making those comments, Trump apparently momentarily forgot that his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign earlier this week in the midst of questions about his failure to admit the nature of his conversations with a Russian ambassador to Vice-President Mike Pence.

Trump's Cabinet nominees not confirmed

During his press conference, the President also complained that he is "unable" to get his "Cabinet nominees confirmed," (ABC News, 2/17/17). To date, only 10 of his 22 nominees has been confirmed, leaving 12 yet to be confirmed, an all-time low record for a four week-old administration. Earlier this week, Trump's Labor Secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder, withdrew his name from consideration for nomination because of revelations of unconfirmed allegations of spousal abuse. It also was alleged that Puzder hired an undocumented domestic worker; although this also is unconfirmed.

Trump's claims of 'Incredible progress'

Despite aforementioned resignations, withdrawn nominations, allegations and problems, Trump nevertheless claimed in his long, protracted press conference, that he has made "Incredible progress" in his first four weeks in office.

Trump even went so far as to say that "There's never been a president elected who in this short period of time has done what we've done," (ABC News, 2/17/17). Trump did not specify the accomplishments of which he was talking. However, Trump’s executive order banning Muslim immigrants from entering the United States has been blocked indefinitely by federal courts, including the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

The Trump Administration has not yet decided on its next course of action pertaining to the blocked executive order.

Lindsey Graham sounds off on Trump

Meanwhile, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, (S.C.), sounded off and stated that Trump's ties to Russia are "Big League bad," (ABC News, 2/15/17). Graham, who, along with GOP Senator John McCain, (Ariz.), has been very critical of the Trump Administration since day one, ran against Trump in the 2016 Presidential election primaries.

Graham withdrew early in the campaign, but never endorsed Trump in the campaign. Graham later revealed via Twitter that he did not vote for Trump in the General Election on November 8, 2016, and stated on "The Daily Show" to Trevor Noah that voting for Trump would have been "like getting shot in the head," (Deadline Hollywood, November 8, 2016).