sarah silverman must be a lousy comedian. Her obvious joke tweet that read: “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE” is being taken as a serious call for a military coup to overthrow President Donald Trump and establish a junta in his place. Calls for having Silverman tried for treason and sedition, and worse are blowing up social media. The tweet was offered around the time that anarchists sought to burn down the UC Berkeley campus because a gay conservative was scheduled to speak there.

On the other hand the possibility exists that Silverman has become so unhinged about the fact of President Donald Trump that she is serious about wanting him to be overthrown by the military. That anyone would prefer tanks patrolling city streets and enemies of the state being disappeared into concentration camps or the firing squad to Trump bad mouthing Arnold Schwarzenegger at the National Prayer Breakfast makes the mind boggle. Silverman should seriously get off of social media and go somewhere quiet to consider why she has these kinds of thoughts. Maybe her therapist would have some insights.

The idea of a military coup in America usually involves rabid right wing generals. The Cold War era “Seven Days in May” depicted a plot by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to overthrow a president who was making an agreement with the Soviet Union they considered unwise and dangerous.

But now it seems that coups are entering the fever dreams of the radical left.

If Silverman had done her research, she would have realized that a military overthrow of the Trump administration is highly unlikely. Polls of servicemen and woman and veterans suggest that Trump is very popular among people who wear or have worn the uniform.

And, why not? Trump proposes to increase the size and fighting capacity of the military as well as fix the problems plaguing the VA health care system. What reason would the military have for getting rid of a man like that? Because he creeps Sarah Silverman out? And what is it with celebrity women and violence? First Madonna wanting to blow up the White House, now this.

Then again, maybe the scenario would make a great movie. The Hollywood elite collude with the military to overthrow the president. I see Tina Fey in the starring role.