Donald Trump is facing a lot of opposition to his travel ban on 7 Muslim-majority states. Taking a cue from Donald's executive order, the Kuwait government has banned the entry of nationals from 5 predominant Muslim countries namely Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan. It is reported that the ban covers a visa for tourism, visit, and trade as well as visas sponsored by husbands for their wives. Kuwait had in 2011, already banned citizens from Syria from entering the country. Kuwait has a large expatriate workforce but this has not stopped the Kuwait government from implementing the ban.

Now that a Muslim nation has emulated Donald, one will have to rethink about the ban on travel and visa for 120 days imposed by Donald. Sputnik news has reported that Kuwait is worried that there may be an influx of radical Islamic terrorists and hence has taken this extreme step.

Kuwait and terror

Kuwait is a small country at the boot of Iraq and earlier in History it was invaded by Iraq under Saddam Hussain. A coalition led by America liberated the nation. Kuwait is also in a dispute with Iran and considers itself vulnerable to terror attacks. In 2015, a Shia mosque was targeted and 27 were killed. Kuwait is a member of the GCC whose security is underwritten by the USA, but with a belligerent Iran, the situation is volatile.

Support for Donald

Donald's ban on Muslims traveling to the USA has also found support in the UAE. It is reported that Donald has substantial business interests here. The UAE finance minister has stated that the ban by America on Muslims traveling to the USA from 7 nations is justified and within the powers of the American government.

Last word

At home, Donald's ban has invoked a strong backlash from opponents who feel the ban is unjustified and against the spirit of the constitution. The man is unfazed and there is a chance that Pakistan may be added to the list. Kuwait has imposed the ban even though much of its workforce is from Pakistan. The Pakistan Ambassador has denied the ban is there, but facts indicate otherwise. The Pakistan PM Nawaz is a worried man. The fear of Donald has made him take some cosmetic steps against terror groups.