If your child has a project to complete for school, a club or some other organization, you might not be able to find any Elmer's glue in any of your neighborhood stores. Many stores are having a hard time keeping the item on their shelves. There is a good reason for the shortage of the sticky substance.

Selling a large volume of Elmer's glue is surely good for merchants, but it's a headache for those who need it for their arts and crafts. The main reason for glue used to be stick things together. However, there is a trend that is making that particular brand of glue hard to find.

The trend

The reason Elmer's glue is hard to find is because teens buy every bottle they can find to make slime. The idea started at the end of 2016 when merchants noticed the sales of the glue had more than doubled, and they couldn't keep it in stock. Companies have increased their glue inventory to meet the demand for their young customers.

Elmer's glue is the main ingredient to make the concoction. It's seems to be easy to make especially with dozens of You Tube videos available with simplified instructions. Besides the glue, there are only a few other household products that are needed such as food coloring and glitter.

Homemade slime

Teens say their homemade slime is much better than the store-bought slime.

A woman on social media commented that after her daughter watched a video about making slime, she decided to help her daughter make it so they could bond during the process.

First they went to got to Walmart to buy Elmer's glue; however, there was none. Then they went to Kroger only to get the same story. Their next stop was Hobby Lobby, but no luck.

They knew Lowes would have it because who buys gallon-size cans of glue. Lowes were also sold out. Target was out. Walgreens and the other drug stores didn't have any on their shelves.

The woman and her daughter thought of buying one of the generic brands that the stores had plenty of, but the daughter wanted to use what she had seen in the video. The woman did not find Elmer's glue in any store in her hometown. She had to borrow some from her daughter's friend whose father had bought a gallon from Amazon.