#New York Farmers are fearing that the recent anti-immigrant sentiment in Trump's immigration discourse – and the spate of ICA raids and Greencard denials – may have a negative and deepening effect on immigrants who take the low-paying agricultural jobs eschewed by most Americans.

As #Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents target illegal workers across the United States with dramatic and life changing raids, farmers claim that anxiety has deepened amidst the undocumented worker populations.

ICE raids are scaring hardworking people

“ICE raids have been an ongoing concern for some farmers and their migrant employees for many years.

[now] those concerns are certainly heightened,” #New York Farm Bureau executive Steve Ammerman wrote on Monday in an email to the Times Union.

He said that whilst they recognize that #border security is an important topic and issue, an enforcement-only approach to complex non-American worker issues could leave farmers with a seriously depleted and weakened workforce and lead to more food imports to the United States.