Anthony “The Kid” camisa, one 46 suspected mobsters charged with racketeering conspiracy, illegal trafficking in firearms, arson, and conspiracy to commit assault in aid of racketeering in August wasn’t attempting to evade arrest according to his lawyer. He had a far more ‘practical’ reason for not turning himself in: gambling.

Gerald McMahon, the New York “Mob Lawyer” who also represented Axl Rose following charges stemming from a 1992 riot at a Missouri concert, is representing Camisa. McMahon told the court that his client “intended” to turn himself over to the authorities following the NFL’s Super Bowl game this weekend, alluding to Camisa’s alleged gambling business.

McMahon made the astonishing claim during a January 12th bail hearing. McMahon said since the government was claiming his client operated “a gambling business” it was, therefore, it was a ‘practical reason’ why Camisa “would wait” until the Super Bowl wrapped up this Sunday.

Amanda Kramer, a prosecutor with US Attorney Preet Bharara’s office, argued that Camisa’s disappearance following the August charges made him a significant flight risk.

East Coast Mobsters

Camisa was captured late last month – four months after a group of 39 suspected “East Coast” mobsters were taken into custody; arrests that also turned up a shotgun, three handguns, more than $30,000 in cash, and gambling paraphernalia.

Kramer’s office is arguing that Camisa assisted in “placing bets [and] collecting money” through a gaming website, adding that Camisa himself “effectively concedes” the bulk of his money comes from “illegal gambling.”

Despite McMahon’s creative defense, Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Sullivan who presided over the bail hearing denied Camisa’s request for release, remanding the 24-year-old into custody.

Justice Sullivan further stated that Camisa lacked judgment and demonstrated “impulsivity and immaturity.”

Super Bowl 51 takes place Sunday, February 5th, and will see 4-time NFL Champs The New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons, who have yet to win a championship playoff. This is New England's ninth appearance at the Super Bowl and Atlanta's second.