McCain's criticism of the #Trump administration in Munich on Friday wasn't the attack of a lone politician.

He was joined by other US Senators in defending the press against Trump's attacks.

Democratic Senator #Jeanne Shaheen told the gathered group of politicians, allied experts and media that she too was troubled by trump’s assaults on the media and the press.

"The real danger is the president’s criticism of the media," she said, describing how a Free Press helps to maintain democracy. She continued on that "efforts on the part of a president to undermine and manipulate the press are very dangerous."

Angela Merkel speaks up in defense of the media

German Chancellor #Angela Merkel stood up to join these politicians in their defense of free speech and the media, saying she had a very high respect for journalists.

Germany, she added, has always had good results with its mutual respect between politicians and the media.

It is conceivable that Trump could yet turn out to be mostly talk, and not be the threat that he seems to be to free speech. But if he brandishes his power in the area of press freedom and libel laws, as he did in the immigration ban, then we should all be watching out in alarm.