The world's top Marine Biologists and philanthropic organizations are collaborating in a massive attempt to save 50 Coral Reefs. Being the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs are crucial for the survival of all marine life. Saving these reefs will help replenish the wealth of the oceans, keeping the underwater environment thriving. If the conservation of this essential reef is not made a priority, marine biologists expect to lose 90% of the existing coral reefs. The huge environmental threat of global warming is the main culprit in the fight to keep these vast habitats healthy.

The 50 Reefs project

According to Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, if global warming continues even coral reef species that have survived one bleaching event may die off. The steadily rising temperature of the ocean must stabilize in order for the reefs to have a chance at reclaiming their habitat. Step one is to identify the 50 reefs that take priority for saving. Marine biologists will take into consideration the biological wealth of the candidates and also their probability of survival in a warmer climate. Once selected, the reefs will be protected from overfishing and pollution from nearby fisheries and resorts. This will require the cooperation of local governments. The 50 Reefs project is currently being funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Paul G.

Allen Family Foundation, and The Tiffany & Co. Foundation.

The People's Climate March

In response to the Trump administration's current attacks on environmental agencies, scientists and conservationists have organized The People's Climate March, which will take place all across the world on April 29th.The purpose of this protest is to bring climate change matters, conservation, endangered species, and the environmental issues into focus.

Recently, the Endangered Species Act has come under attack as the majority Republican House and Senate move to weaken the protections that the Act offers. One of the first things that Trump did upon taking office was to defund the Environmental Protection Agency and replace the head of the administration with a climate change denier Scott Pruitt. It is unclear if Trump will cooperate with marine biologists and their noble attempt to save 50 coral reefs from extinction.