The assassination of the half-brother of the North Korean leader in Malaysia creates tensions. Kuala Lumpur summoned the ambassador of North Korea and recalled its ambassador to Pyongyang for "consultations". A week after the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, the Diplomacy around the investigation escalated on Monday, February 20, between Malaysia and North Korea.

Kang Chol summoned by the Malaysian government:

Kang Chol recalled to Pyongyang:

The Foreign Ministry of Malaysia announced in a statement said that it summoned the ambassador of North Korea and recalled its ambassador to Pyongyang for "consultations".

North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol was summoned to provide an "explanation of his accusations against the Malaysian government in his press conference on February 17, 2017. At this press conference, the ambassador ... insinuated that ... the Malaysian government had 'something to hide. The ambassador also said that Malaysia was 'plotting' And to enter into the game of external forces," continues the Foreign Ministry.

Government to publish the autopsy findings:

The North Korean government asked for the immediate repatriation of the body, but the Malaysian authorities were determined to continue the investigation. The autopsy findings could be published by Wednesday, Malaysian Health Minister Subramaniam Sathasivam told reporters on Monday.

Three of the four suspects got traced:

In parallel, the trajectory of the fugitive suspects sought by Malaysia seemed to be clear on Monday. Malaysian police said on Sunday that four suspects of North Korean nationality had left the country on the day of the assassination. According to an Indonesian official, at least three of the four men took a plane from Jakarta to Dubai on the night of the attack.

Suspect Ri Jae Nam, Hong Song Hac, and Ri Ji Hyon sat aboard an Emirates airline flight at 10:20 pm local time on Monday evening (February 13th), Agung Sampurno, an Indonesian immigration agency spokesperson said to a Reuters journalist. The Malaysian newspaper 'The Star' reports that the four men were able to reach Pyongyang via Jakarta, Dubai, and Vladivostok in Russia.