Former Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Fedorov told NBC News that President trump does not fully understand who Mr. Putin is, he is a tough guy. He added that a file on Trump’s psychological makeup is being built by retired diplomats, along with a few Putin staff members. According to a senior Russian government adviser, the new American leader comes across as a risk taker who is naïve. Allegedly, all of this is part of a plan to help President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, better understand the mind of Trump when the two formally meet in their respective roles as leaders of their countries.

Andrei Fedorov further stated that the preparatory work consists of at least seven pages illustrating a psychological portrait of Donald Trump with special focus on the last two to three months and particularly the last weeks. Fedorov, who says he has known Trump since 2000, added that the file is being frequently revised. They believe Trump views the presidency as someone overseeing government as a business and relies too much on intuition. Fedorov said the president was not living in a box but living in a crowd and advised that he listen to counsel available from the experts surrounding him, especially in areas where is he weak.

The list of those concerned about Trump’s psyche is growing

Leaders are normally briefed about one another before their initial meetings.

However, preparing dossiers on the mind of another leader is not your run of the mill activity. According to Fedorov and former lawmaker Sergei Markov, Putin is growing increasingly worried about Trump’s unpredictability and fights in Washington, battles with the media, etc. He is concerned about Trump’s actual political power, more specifically, will he be successful in lifting U.S.

sanctions against Russia?

How deep is your love for Russia?

Currently, Trump is under high profile scrutiny for possible ties with Russia for which he denies but offers no proof. Perhaps Putin should be concerned considering a 9/11-style commission has been formed to investigate Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.

Fedorov said Trump was dancing on thin ice and this constant fighting with the media has the Kremlin feeling nervous. Some even fear hardliners in America’s Congress and military would go so far as to overthrow President Trump in a coup.