On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump will deliver a speech to a joint session of Congress. While attempting to praise the president over his prepared remarks, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway made a controversial comment that doesn't add up to the facts.

Conway busted

Ever since she was brought on board to join the Donald Trump team last August, Kellyanne Conway has routinely come under fire for making statements that leave many scratching their heads. The former Trump campaign manager, Conway is now in the position of "Presidential Counsel," where she advises the commander in chief on a variety of issues.

Since the inauguration, however, Conway has been best known for getting herself caught up stretching factual information. Conway coined the term "Alternative Facts" when attempting to defend the administration's rhetoric that was often debunked by fact-checkers, while citing the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre" to justify the controversial "Muslim ban" executive order. Conway's TV appearances became so troublesome that she was banned from on-camera appearances by the administration, and has only appeared on Fox News since then. During an interview with the Fox Business Channel on February 28, Conway addressed Trump's upcoming speech to Congress.

Joining host Lou Dobbs on Tuesday night was Kellyanne Conway, and she did her best to present Donald Trump in a positive light.

"He (Trump) really appeals to the innovation and the inspiration of America at this very critical time in our nation's history," Conway said. "He has been arduously working across the aisle," Conway said of Trump's alleged effort to work with Democrats in Congress, before noting, "He is here to be president of all people."

The statement contradicts what many Democratic members of the House and Senate say of Trump, as they believe he has been hard-lined in his policies and agenda, which has been labeled as "racist" by many.

Democrats have made it clear that they don't see eye-to-eye with the billionaire real estate mogul, with Trump often smearing the opposing party in dramatic fashion, including in several rants on Twitter.

Trump to Congress

As both Democrats and Republican wait to hear what Donald Trump has to say to Congress, political tension in the United States is at an all-time high. While Trump claims to be doing well during his first month in office, recent polls show his favorability rating hovering around an average of just 40 percent.