In recent weeks, an alarming number of anti-Semitic hate crimes have been reported. In response to the news, President Donald Trump reportedly gave a controversial answer.

Trump on hate crimes

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, he's been forced to deal with the label of being a "racist." Whether it's his comments on illegal immigrants from Mexico, or his "Muslim ban" execute order, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been hit with growing backlash against him. In the weeks since his inauguration, Trump has continued to feel the heat, both from his political opponents, and from the American people.

After meeting with a group of attorney generals on Tuesday, one claimed that the president addressed the increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes by blaming the Jewish people, as reported by The New York Daily News on February 28.

One of the attorney generals who met with Donald Trump on Tuesday morning was Josh Shapiro, who is the Democratic AG from Pennsylvania. According to Shapiro, Trump said that the recent attacks against Jewish Community Centers could have come from "the reverse" in an attempt "to make others look bad."

"He used the word 'reverse' I would say two or three times in his comments" Shapiro pointed out, before adding, "It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me." Anti-Semitism is an issue that appears to be growing in the United States, as the election of Donald Trump has caused a spike in overall hate crimes.

In addition to hate crimes directed at minorities, a report in the Washington Examiner confirmed that over 2,000 reported crimes against white students were also ignored by the ACLU, only furthering the divide in the United States.

Next up

Following the remarks allegedly made by Donald Trump, the president is now set to address a joint session of Congress for his first major speech since being sworn into office on Tuesday night. While it's unknown what Trump will actually say, all eyes will be on the commander in chief as American politics continues to be turned upside down.