Ever since Donald Trump was sworn into office just over two weeks ago, the tension between the political right and left has reached a new level. Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway has been one of the leading public voices in the Trump administration, and expressed her recent frustration on Fox News.

Conway chaos

After Kellyanne Conway replaced Paul Manafort last summer as the new campaign manager for Donald Trump, she quickly became a household name. Appearing on cable news networks and Sunday talk shows on a routine basis, Conway became one of the most important voices for Trump, though she instantly was labeled as a top enemy by her critics.

Over the last week, Conway has been the butt of a joke after she cited the nonexistent "bowling green massacre" to justify Trump's recent "Muslim ban" executive order. As seen on the February 5 edition of "Media Buzz" on Fox News, the former campaign manager is not happy about the current reaction to the new president.

Joining Fox News host Howard Kurtz was Kellyanne Conway, and she didn't waste much time before she went after Democrats and their supporters for the recent protests and backlash to the aforementioned "Muslim ban." "The Democrats want to go on the record," Conway said, before adding, "they have time to go and cry and weep at the airport protesting something that they’ve completely bastardized as to what it is and what its intent and what its effect is." Conway didn't stop there, continuing her attack on congressional Democrats for not voting to confirm Trump's cabinet nominees.

"Yet they don't have time to give a fair hearing, an up-or-down vote on these nominees?" Kellyanne Conway continued. During the interview, she also referenced the backlash to her "Bowling Green Massacre" comments, accusing the media and their political opponents of making a bigger issue than it should be, saying she simply "misspoke."

Current status

As Donald Trump and his administration continue on in the White House, they are also dealing with a constant cloud of controversy hanging over their head. It appears that the billionaire real estate mogul will move forward with this agenda and policies, though the backlash against him is expected to increase and expand.