During the 2016 presidential election, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was able to energize millions of Americans by, among many other things, pushing to hold Wall Street accountable for their actions. As President Donald Trump continues to take steps that would help the most wealthy in the country, Sanders is speaking out.

Sanders on Trump

Over the last week, Donald Trump has taken steps to roll back financial regulations put in place following the Great Recession back in 2008 and 2009. The legislation that is being targeted is known as the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, named after senators Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

Despite vowing to be tough on Wall Street during his campaign, Trump appears to be having a change of heart. This issue, and more, was a hot topic of discussion during the February 5 edition of "State of the Union" on CNN.

Joining CNN host Jake Tapper was Sen. Bernie Sanders, who didn't hold back his thoughts on the new commander in chief. "You have long called for stronger banking regulations," Tapper said to Sanders, before asking, "do you see any upside at all in relaxing any of the Dodd-Frank regulations?" "It is hard not to laugh to see President Trump alongside these Wall Street guys," Sanders said. "I don’t mean to be disrespectful," Sanders stated, before noting, "This guy is a fraud."

"This guy ran for president of the United States saying 'I, Donald Trump, I'm going to take on Wall Street.

These guys are getting away with murder," Bernie Sanders continued, while pointing out, "Then suddenly he appoints all these billionaires." Not stopping there, the senator from Vermont went on to attack Trump for his recent cabinet selections, and offered a dire prediction for the future. "“I think he's (Trump) going to sell out the middle class and the working class of this country," Sanders concluded.

Next up

With only two weeks in the White House, Donald Trump has already made moves that have rubbed many people the wrong way. As the former host of "The Apprentice" continues to move forward with his agenda, it's expected that the heavy backlash will only get worse.