After Donald Trump was sworn into office just over two weeks ago, the administration has engaged in a heated war of words with the news media. When the news broke that Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway might no longer be allowed on one of the major cable news networks, she quickly fired back.

Conway on CNN

When Kellyanne Conway was hired last August to replace Paul Manafort as the campaign manager for Donald Trump, she quickly became a regular on cable news channels and Sunday talk shows. While Trump and his supporters fell in love with the idea of having Conway as a mouthpiece, she was often criticized by political opponents for pushing questionable information that would routinely be debunked and fact-checked.

Since the inauguration, Conway has been in the spotlight on two different occasions, including her use of the term "alternative facts" to describe false hoods coming out of the White House, and citing the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre" to justify Trump's "Muslim ban." As seen on her Twitter account on February 6, Conway is reacting the latest controversy that has surrounded her, but it didn't go too well.

Originally reported by The New York Times on Sunday, CNN is now looking to extend their temporary ban on Kellyanne Conway to become permanent over "serious questions about her credibility." The news only adds to the feud between the network and the White House, which peaked at a press conference last month when Donald Trump refused to allow CNN reporter Jim Acosta to ask a question, while calling him "fake news." In response, Conway voiced her opposition on Twitter.

"False. I could do no live Sunday shows this week BC of family," Kellyanne Conway wrote on her Twitter account, while adding, "Plus, I was invited onto CNN today & tomorrow.

CNN Brass on those emails." In response to her comments, CNN debunked Conway with their own post. "Kellyanne Conway was offered to SOTU on Sunday by the White House. We passed. Those are the facts," CNN tweeted.

Trump's rage

In addition to Conway's comments, Donald Trump also hit back at the media earlier in the day. During a series of early morning tweets, the former host of "The Apprentice" lashed out at the news media, while referring to any "negative polls" that get released about him as "fake news."