A Kellyanne Conway couch photo taken in the Oval Office as President Donald Trump met with a group of college leaders has gone viral, with people flooding social media with comments about the situation. What's the background on this one and what is it that has everybody so upset?

The controversial Conway couch photo came out on Monday

The photograph was taken on Monday while President Donald Trump met with leaders of from the historically black universities and colleges (HBCU) group. As Trump and the HBCU leaders gathered around the desk in the Oval Office, Advisor Kellyanne Conway kneeled on the couch, with her high heels still on, to work on taking a photo of the group via her iPhone.

Conway's couch photo emerged on Monday and immediately went viral. As CNBC notes, many people found the idea of Kellyanne kneeling on the couch, her heels still on, to be disrespectful and unladylike. Some noted that it reeked of white privilege, with people questioning whether she'd have taken such a casual position if the room had been filled with insurance industry leaders, cabinet members, or another less diverse group. A fair number of critics felt that the photo showed that Kellyanne is perhaps a bit too comfortable hanging out in the Oval Office.

The reaction to the Kellyanne photo has been mixed

Of course, there was outrage pushing back against the outrage as well. As the Washington Post shares, many commenting on the Conway couch photo via social media think that the outrage is dumb. However, others pointed out that if former advisors or cabinet members like Valerie Jarrett or Condoleezza Rice had been photographed doing the same thing, the outrage surely would have been intense.

Kellyanne has found herself in the midst of numerous controversies since President Trump took office, and buzz swirled recently that she had been sidelined from making television appearances due to her recent issues and gaffes. She took a lot of heat for talking about how Michael Flynn had the full confidence of the president when he resigned over the Russian sanctions issue just hours later.

In addition, both CNN and "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski have talked about choosing not to have Conway on their programs recently.

Is it fair for people to be outraged over Kellyanne Conway's couch photos or were they taken out of context? Is this advisor to President Donald Trump getting a bit too comfortable in her position near the Oval Office or is she falling out of favor due to her recent gaffes?