indivisible is a movement begun by a couple of Democratic staffers who distilled the strategy behind the powerful Tea Party movement and put together a guide online for everyone to read and use.

Peaceful protests

The key to an effective protest which is scaring the pants off of Congressional Republicans is to use Trump style tactics and instantly shout down their representatives at the first patronizing or false statement in a town hall. The demonstrators are essentially demanding the truth and answers about why the Republicans seem determined to eliminate health insurance for tens of millions of people.

What is driving them is uncertainty and anger at the lies coming out of The White House. (Where is Kellyanne Conway?) That is only reinforced every time President Trump says one thing or tweets one thing and his staffers right up through Cabinet Secretaries rush to microphones to explain that he really didn’t mean what he said about NATO or China, or Australia, or Mexico, or even healthcare. Trump, by the way, has called for universal health care, saying at one point that he wants every American to be covered - a very different policy than that of the Republican Party.

One major chant of the protesters is "Do your job!"

One people indivisible

The “indivisibleguide” is available online for free and has been recently updated to help protesters take their complaints and questions to the Congressmen who all of a sudden are canceling town hall meetings and sticking close to Washington like never before.

Since the guide was written by former Congressional staffers they certainly know exactly what to do to get the attention of politicians, especially House members who will have to face angry voters in less than two years.

One new tactic seen in districts where the representative refuses to hold town meetings or even return to his or her home district is to ridicule them with wanted posters and putting their faces on milk cartons the way we do for missing children.

Some, and perhaps most Republicans including President Trump are claiming that this isn’t like the Tea Party Movement and is instead crowds of paid troublemakers. After that claim, many began wearing tags showing their home zip codes to show they are from that Congressional district.

MoC missing in inaction

If your Member of Congress or MoC is missing there is a special page on the indivisibleguide site with detailed directions on how to find them and force them to face angry voters who are against the President’s Muslim ban or some of his Cabinet members, or his claim of “fake news” every time a reporter catches him in a lie.

But the concern of many is the lack of details about the so-called repeal and replace action on The Affordable Care Act. People, especially those with pre-existing conditions, fear that they will once again be without health insurance. If that isn’t handled carefully, insurance companies will just do what they have repeatedly done in the past which is to make major changes in certain plans or even close a plan and force people to re-apply.