This news was investigated by local News Channel 8 journalists and within the company itself. It has been the number one story trending on the news channel that former PTC chief commissioner has resigned from his position following an investigation into the crackdown on Uber and Lyft drivers in Tampa, Florida.

The commissioner worked with the local cab companies to crack down on the ride-sharing companies that were deemed illegal for a while in Tampa. But now that the PTC may be dismantled following this situation, Doug Belden, the tax collector for hillsborough county in Florida says his office is ready for the job.

Take the reins

The PTC was designed to regulate for-hire vehicles in the county. Belden believes that his office is equipped to take on the responsibilities if the Florida Legislature decides to dismantle the office entirely. While there have been data analysts trying to obtain the wiped information from the eight cell phones that contained shared texts and emails from cab companies and the commissioner himself, Doug Belden wants to make sure that the state can continue to regulate these vehicles without a problem like this ever happening again.

"No one can do this better, cheaper, and faster than our office," Doug Belden told Tampa Bay Times. Belden's office handles the regulation of the inspections for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Florida, so why not take on the regulation of vehicles that work for the county itself.

It would be easier to handle vehicle regulations, taxes, and registrations in one office.

Seems to be a no-brainer since the tax collector office also works on conducting background checks and gun licensing. Plus it also pleases the Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill to outsource the PTC duties than place them inside the house.

A means to an end

"This is right up his alley, and he does a good job," said Mike Merrill to the Tampa Bay Times, "I would prefer that someone with existing ability to do it takes it." The PTC was originally created to handle the regulation of companies that provide limo and cab services to the county. Last year the issue was on how to regulate the newly sprouting businesses of Uber and Lyft drivers in Hillsborough who were not considered to be part of the companies under the PTC's control.

Hopefully, something can happen, and everyone can work it out because Belden only wants to help, the last thing he wants to do is get too involved.