Following reports that had been circulating for over a week, President Donald Trump decided to make a major change to a regulation signed into law former President Barack Obama. After it was announced, Fox News fans celebrated across social media.

Fox News rejoice

One of the major social issues in the United States is over transgender rights. During his second term in office, President Obama signed an order that directed all public schools to allow students to use the particular bathroom that corresponded to their gender identity, as opposed to using the facility that matched their gender at birth.

Obama's decision was seen as a victory for the political left, who championed the progress made on civil rights, but received backlash from conservatives, especially though on the religious right. The Hill reported on Wednesday night that Donald Trump had officially rolled back the regulation, and after Fox News posted the story on Facebook and Twitter on February 22, their supporters celebrated.

"Simple. One bathroom for XX chromosomes, and another for XY," one Facebook comment read on the Fox News page.

"Thanking sad how our country has let us get into this shape, that we would change the restrooms...and not honor when a person's faith keeps them from baking a cake for a special occasion...sad" another Facebook comment noted. Others simply replied "Amen" and "Thank God." On Twitter, the comments were nearly identical in tone and substance.


We should be focusing on improving our schools not where the students potty," a Twitter comment noted. " "Donald Trump great great decision! Terrible usurpation by Obama that was wholly unwarranted," another tweet read. Like the Facebook comments, Twitter supporters also used religious tones to celebrate, with one tweet saying, "THANK GOD!! Finally! What a disgusting mess Obama created. Thank God for a @POTUS with morals and common sense!"

Moving forward

During his daily briefing on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer failed to go into too much detail about the possibility of rolling back the order on transgender protections, but did explain that Donald Trump was thinking of doing so because he believed the issue should be left up to the states. As expected, the issue has only continued to highlight the divide on the left and right, which doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.